Blogs I Love

These are the blogs I love:

Putting Me Together  – Audrey gives great remixing tips and is always full of  good ideas.

J’s Everyday Fashion – J puts together wear-able fashion for everyday.  She always manages to find new ways to wear old favourites.

Kendi Everyday –  Kendi is basically my style crush! I don’t think I need to say any more.

Wendy’s Lookbook – Wendy is super stylish and super sweet! What is not to love?

Feathers and Freckles – What do you get when you combine a killer thrift sense and great style? Megan, that’s what (or who)!

Franish – Fran is currently building a wardrobe for medical school. Its not as easy as it sounds, there is a strict dress code!

Seams For A Desire – Jessie is a Spanish (dare I say it? ) babe, with an amazing style.

AJ wears clothes –  AJ has a great sense of humour and is very honest about what she wears and how she wears it.

Jeans and a Teacup – This blog is run by two sisters; Jessica and Megan.  They cover fashion, food and décor.

Sarah’s Real Life –  Well this blog does exactly what it says. Sarah documents what she wears in real life.


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