Winter Spring Capsule wardrobe

Winter Spring Capsule wardrobe
This is my capsule wardrobe for winter and spring.
These are not my exact items but are the closest I could find.
New items added to my wardrobe:
  • Wool plaid jacket (thrifted)
  • Cargo jacket (not shown because I bought it after I made the collage.)

I’m quite surprised about the lack of colour in  this capsule.  It has never been my intention to have an all neutral capsule.  I do love neutral outfits, though!  I’ve learned that just because I love colour doesn’t mean I don’t like neutrals.  After all the best outfits combine the two.

I’ve also learned it is really easy to build a nice capsule out of clothes one already owns. It is also easy to see which items need replacing and which ones will be worn to their last but not replaced.

I’m really struggling to find the time to post outfits. I’m going to try and post outfits on Instagram and then do a round up on here.

Balancing a blog and a baby is not easy! I take my hat off to all those mommy bloggers! If you have any tips or a blogging routine that works for you, please let me know.


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