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Around the web-


I would like to take my hat off to all those new mom bloggers  who’s blogging schedules don’t skip a beat! I don’t know how you do it.

I’ve been part of the mom club for three and a half weeks now and I’m loving it.  Yes, it is hard work, but its enjoyable work.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that my baby is super cute :P.

I’ve not had a single chance to take outfit photos.  I’ve been quite proud of the fact that I’ve not been living in my pyjamas (well, not everyday!).   But taking outfit photos seems to be something that I need to work  up to.

In the mean time I thought I’d share a few things I’ve found across the internet that I found interesting and useful.

10 Examples of how blogging works:

Bailey Schneider  from Vanilla blonde has made a list of ten examples from her own life of why she thinks brands should use bloggers to promote their products.

I agree with her that if I see something in the shops that I’ve seen promoted on blogs I follow, I tend to take more notice.  However, if it is a product that has been plastered on almost every blog I follow plus the blogger’s social media accounts I find it has the opposite effect.  After the third time I’ve read the same product promotion, I tend to feel a little negative towards that product.

What to wear for family photos:

Audrey put together a nice little guide on what to wear on professional family shoot.  I really like the way she breaks down her thought processes.  Instead of saying “I took a look on Pinterest for inspiration” she breaks down what she liked and didn’t like about the her inspiration images she found.  Her way of br

eaking down her thought process is something I’ve long admired in her blog and something I would like to incorporate into my own blog.  I sometimes feel my thought process is boring or too simple to break down but I can see the value in it when Audrey does it.

By the way, how adorable is her family?!

The four finger contour rule:

Wayne Goss demonstrates how (and if) you should contour your forehead with his simple four finger rule.  I don’t usually contour my face, though I do love playing with make up.  This is a handy tip worth knowing.

I hope you found these snippets as useful or as interesting as I did.


2 thoughts on “Around the web

    1. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing one post in three weeks 😜. I’m so amazed that some new moms still post everyday. Even with putting posts together in advance I cant imagine how they do it!

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