Outfit Fail #1

Outfit failure 1

Things have been so crazy over the last few weekends.  We’be been getting things ready for the sprog and have been getting her room ready.  We are also trying to do more spontaneous things like go for breakfast (something we hardly ever do).  Some friends are also trying to see us before we disappear into an endless sea of dirty nappies and sleepless nights.  This has left me with very little time for taking outfit photos.  I have been wearing clothes, I just don’t have proof.

I have had a few outfit flops lately.  I didn’t think to take a quick snap of these. I put them on and when I realised I looked terrible I changed.  Hopefully in the future I’ll remember to take a photo of my terrible outfit so that it may live forever on the internet.

This was my first outfit failure.  This green boxy top and skater skirt just do not go well together.  The proportions are all wrong.  I looked like a pregnant four year old, which as you can image was a disturbing sight.  The skirt only fits under my belly and the square shirt juts over it awkwardly.  I’m not convinced a skater skirt looks good on a pregnant frame.  If I’m wrong please correct me, and teach me your ways.

I only have 3 skirts in my capsule wardrobe and not being able to wear a third of them with this top is proving to be quite limiting.  That said though now that I’m almost due, the other skirts don’t fit so I guess skirts aren’t an option until I loose a little bit of belly.

Just as a little reminder to myself:  Boxy top + Skater Skirt + Big Pregnant Belly = Terrible outfit.


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