Review: Maternity dockside shorts

I bought 2 pairs of Meamama maternity shorts to cope with this unbearable summer heat. I’ve broken these reviews into two posts, because of the length. You can see my review of their  classic shorts here.

Disclaimer:  I have not been compensated in anyway for this review.  I bought these shorts with my own monies and am reviewing them in the hopes that someone finds these posts useful.

black dockside maternity shorts
Meamma dockside maternity shorts

As with the classic shorts these are a bit tight when I put them on in the mornings, but the fabric tends to relax throughout the day.  I ordered these in a size small and they fit me better than the medium sized classic shorts.  They don’t look like the above picture which was a navy pair I desaturated to make look black because I couldn’t find an image of a black pair.  They are a solid black and don’t look like black denim like the picture above.  I got these on sale for R239.  I can’t remember the exact original price but it was close the the R4oo mark.

meamma dockside shorts
Meamama black dockside shorts (front)
meamama dockside shorts
Meamama black dockside shorts (side)


All in all I found these shorts to be quite comfortable once the fabric relaxes a bit (which doesn’t take long).  They don’t have side pockets which gives them a less casual feel than the classic shorts.  They do have a single back pocket for a bit of design interest.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post I’m not being compensated  for this review.

If you would like to join RunwaySale to get items at a discounted rate then please follow this link:

I will receive R50 credit upon the first order, if you sign up. (You will be able to share a link with your friends and also receive R5o credit, its not a blogger perk.)


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