2.3 I hate this maxi dress

floral maxi, maternity

floral maxi, maternity

floral maxi, maternity


OK, so hate is a very strong word.  I really dislike this dress.  Yes, the print is lovely,but the dress itself is horrible.  No wonder I never wear it! The fabric is awful! It’s far to sheer, when it shouldn’t be. It pills so easily and it is very unforgiving of lumps and bumps. Its also sewn together really badly and the beads on the halter neck dig into my collar bones!

I love the idea of a maxi dress though.  I have replaced this one so I can see if maxi dresses aren’t for me or if it is just this one that has turned me against maxis for no decent reason.


5 thoughts on “2.3 I hate this maxi dress

  1. I think the moment an item is so uncomfortable you come to dread wearing it then it’s time to go! I would try out a soft (but slightly thicker) jersey one with nothing to annoy you to start! I personally love Gap for these! Xx

  2. You look beautiful, Laura! But how horrible :(. It is a lovely print and looks pretty on you, but if something is uncomfortable it’s not worth it! It sounds like it has all sorts of problems!! It’s good to have reminded yourself why you never wore it, and that you can test out another maxi to see if they’re for you.

    I love maxi dresses on other people, and sometimes on myself. I think they can be pretty comfortable, especially in the warm months.

    1. Its funny how relieved I feel now that I’ve gotten rid of it. I’ve replaced it with a maxi that I actually love (on the blog tomorrow) and I look forward to wearing.

    1. Oh wow that is stunning!! I didn’t want to spend a lot on a maxi because I wasn’t sure if I’d wear it. I bought one from PnP and loving it so far! Will keep that one in mind when I want to upgrade. Thanks Nadia!

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