Review: Meamama maternity shorts

I bought 2 pairs of Meamama maternity shorts to cope with this unbearable summer heat. I’ve broken these reviews into two posts, because of the length.

Disclaimer:  I have not been compensated in anyway for this review.  I bought these shorts with my own monies and am reviewing them in the hopes that someone finds these posts useful.

classic stone maternity shorts
Meamama stone classic maternity shorts

I was looking forward to these and I couldn’t wait to try them on when they finally arrived. I paid R199 for them (the original price was R350). The colour is true to the above picture.  I ordered them on sale with RunwaySale and they sent me a size medium instead of a small,which I ordered.  I’m grateful for that error, because it was a little tight as a medium. The fabric was also very scratchy.  Both problems were solved with the first wash.  I unrolled the hems to see what the shorts looked like a bit longer (I always love having that option) but since then I’ve not been able to get the roll looking the way it did when I bought it.  That’s obviously not an issue with the shorts, it’s just my lack of styling ability.  I took a few snap shots of me trying them on.  This was after I had washed them and the fabric relaxed a bit.


review maternity shorts
Front view        
Side view










Meamama stone classic shorts review
Front view (unrolled) 
Meamama stone classic shorts review
    Side view (unrolled)










Overall I find them very comfortable and easy to wear.  I think the small would have fit after washing them, but you can’t know these things until you try (and of course you can’t return something once the labels have been removed and the garment has been washed).  The medium does fit, but is just slightly ‘roomier’ and less tailored on me, which is good for hot summer days.  The elastic waistband does tend to creep down a bit, but that could be because I went up one size. Just for reference, when purchasing maternity clothing stick to the size you were before you fell pregnant, unless you’ve picked up quite a bit of weight (not just baby bump) then size up.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post I’m not being compensated  for this review.

If you would like to join RunwaySale to get items at a discounted rate then please follow this link:

I will receive R50 credit upon the first order, if you sign up. (You will be able to share a link with your friends and also receive R5o credit, its not a blogger perk.)



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