Colour choice for summer 2015

summer 2015 wardrobe collage

My colour choice for this season’s wardrobe came about organically.  I just choice pieces I liked and hoped that there would be some cohesiveness to my wardrobe.  I applied this same strategy to my previous capsule.  This is the end result


  • Creams/Nudes
  • Grey
  • Black

Main Colours:

  • Blues (ranging from turquoise to navy)
  • Red

Accent Colours:

I don’t have accent colours as such, I just have a few pieces of random colours that don’t fit into the other two categories.

  • Yellow
  • Greens
  • Magenta
  • Rust

I’ve tried to tie in my accessories to the mentioned colours, but including metallics (obviously) like gold and silver.  Accessories aren’t included in my capsule, but I do like to limit them a bit, that way some pieces get a bit more use than if I had to choose from everything I own.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to have a decided colour scheme before you start (unless you want to, that is fair enough).  The chances are your choices will result in an organic  colour scheme.  If it doesn’t, then at least you’ll have a base to work from, enabling to use what you already have and spend less to get the look you want.


4 thoughts on “Colour choice for summer 2015

  1. I’ve donated, sold and just plain given away so much of my wardrobe and I am still no closer to a capsule wardrobe. (Unless that means I have now been left with a very haphazard capsule wardrobe?) Seriously commend you for this!

    1. I’ve been giving stuff away every few months but still have tons of stuff in storage. Hoping to get rid of more once I have a better idea of what will fit!

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