Special Mentions

Special Mentions: elephant print maternity dress, striped tee with lace insert, olive ankle grazers

  • Elephant print dress:  This whimsical dress has been there for all the special events I’ve had this Spring. First is was my dad’s seventieth dinner, then a special date night and lastly my baby shower.  It is a shame I never got round to taking some photos of it for the blog.
  • Striped tee with lace insert:  I love the navy colour, I love the stripes, I love the lace.  This tee is just an all round winner and one of my most loved from this capsule.
  • Olive ankle grazers:  I am so surprised that these trousers have taken me through to (almost) the end of my pregnancy! A definite wardrobe staple for me.

Here are a few snap shots of me wearing the elephant dress:


comedy show


8 thoughts on “Special Mentions

    1. It’s one of my favourites! I’m tempted to keep it in my non maternity capsule when I no longer need to breast feed. It’s not the most practical dress for that

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