Most used items

Best players

In my last post I shared my least worn items.  I thought I’d start the week off by sharing my most used items from my Spring wardrobe.

  • Ivory Cardigan: I love this piece so much.  I’m on  the hunt for a suitable replacement.  In the mean-time I’ll be adding it to my Summer Capsule
  • Maternity Jeggings:  I don’t know what I would have done without these during my pregnancy! They really have been a life saver.  They will be carried over into my next wardrobe.
  • Sandals:  I bought both these sandals last year as a cheap replacement for a pair that broke.  I was only expecting them to last one season, but they’ve held up really well so far.  I won’t be able to survive summer without them!
  • Maternity Cardigan:  I really liked the cut of this waterfall cardigan.  It is one of the few maternity pieces that I can wear as a non-maternity piece.  I think it might have earned a permanent spot in my wardrobe.


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