Least Worn Pieces

Least worn

To be honest there were quite a few pieces in my Spring capsule wardrobe that  could have gotten more use, especially the shoes. I’m still figuring out what suits my lifestyle and what doesn’t.  Seeing as my lifestyle is in flux at the moment I think it might take a few experimental wardrobes to figure it out. So let’s have a closer look at the five least worn items:

  • Ankle Boots: I wore these all the time during the colder months but not at all during Spring.  These will be kept aside for my Autumn capsule.
  • Brogues:  I had one outfit idea for these, but the heat never permitted it.  Although this Spring has been to hot for these, the fact that I only had one outfit idea for these might suggest these are not my current style.  I don’t want to be hasty and give these away just yet.  I will keep them for the colder months, I have a feeling they might by just the perfect Mom shoes.
  • Boyfriend jeans:  These jeans never even left the laundry room.  Actually they are still there.  I think they just became to uncomfortable and I preferred my maternity jeans.
  • Camouflage heels:  I love these heels.  When I saw these I just had to buy them.  I don’t get that feeling often, so I ignored it and went home without them.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so when when I saw them several months later and the last pair were in my size I saw it as ‘meant to be”.  It makes me sad to think these might not be my style any more.  They do have  a bit of an edge to them, so it might just not be the right season for them.  I’ll give them another try in Autumn.
  • Navy kitten heels:  Yet another pair that I’m not sure if they are still my style or if it was too scorching wear them.  I guess we will have to wait till it cools down.

So it seems like instead of  getting a better grasp of my upcoming summer wardrobe I’ve  already  added 5 pieces to my Autumn wardrobe.


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