1.23 Happy Colour

blue tee, grey skirt, olive zip bag.blue tee, grey skirt, olive zip bag.  happy colour 3

My capsule wardrobe has taught me another thing about my style.  I really love cobalt blue.  Well, I’ve always known that , but I didn’t know just how much I like this colour.  As soon as I put it on everything feels a bit more cheery and I get into that summer holiday feeling. That’s a pretty good job for a simple t-shirt.  Note to self:  Add more cobalt blue to summer’s capsule wardrobe (it might not be this summer, because I still won’t fit into anything but I will keep it in mind for a future capsule).


2 thoughts on “1.23 Happy Colour

    1. Aw thanks!

      This is outfit 23 of my first capsule wardrobe. So, 1.23. Does that make sense? I don’t think there is any particular way of titling the posts or anything. I’m just doing it this way to make it easier for myself to keep track.

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