Spring Capsule Wardrobe Update

updated capsule wardrobe collage


I have made a few minor changes to my spring capsule wardrobe along the way.  You can see the original version here.  My growing bump has led me to make a few changes for comfort sake.

Clothing pieces I have omitted from my capsule wardrobe:

Omitted pieces

  • Olive and gold top:  I painted these gold dots on my top to hide some oil stains (from cooking, I hope).  The first time I put it on after that, I felt really down about myself.  I’m so round and frumpy, plus my hair is bad.  It was like that all day, until I decided I had enough of seeing the round neckline with the round dots on my round belly and put on a plain blue t-shirt.  I felt a thousand times better! I didn’t looks  like a blog, I looked pregnant (which is good, seeing as I am!). OK, my hair was still bad, but I hey that happens.  I decided that if anything in my life makes me feel bad about myself, it needs to go.  I’ll put this top in storage for now, and see what it looks like when my body gets back into its’s pre-pregnancy state.
  • 32 Dress:  One day I decided to wear these as pyjamas, and I’ve never looked back.  Although this dress is no longer part of my capsule wardrobe, it has become the most worn item of clothing.
  • Red print dress:  I’m quite sad about putting this dress back in storage, it is one of my favourites.  The draw string just doesn’t close under my bust any more.  But at least I saved it from stretching and I can wear it next year.
  • Grey cable knit tunic:  I could tell that this tunic wasn’t going to get much use.  The weather is too warm, plus it doesn’t flatter my shape.

Pieces I swapped out:

swapped clothes


  • Red pencil skirt: I swapped it out for my chevron skirt, because  it no longer fits and I can still keep the chevron skirt up.  Plus, the chevron skirt isn’t looking at its best these days, so I don’t mind if it stretches out, it will need replacing soon anyway. I just hope that having another patterned skirt won’t limit my outfit choices too much.

I can’t guarantee that this is my final wardrobe.  I’m still learning what works and my body is still changing.  We will just have to see how it goes.



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