1.17 Hair dramas


all black 1
all black 3

Winter came to say her final goodbye.  Thank goodness I was prepared for that!  It was a pretty chilly week.

Guys, I am trying and failing at making my hair look good when tied up!  I have watched many youtube tutorials, but I never seem to get it right.  Is my hair too short?  Or is the obvious answer that a ponytail just doesn’t suit me.  I really want a quick and easy way to get my hair out my face or to hide the grease.  I’ve teased it, sprayed it, curled it, you name it.  But I want something fuss free. Any tips or ideas?


6 thoughts on “1.17 Hair dramas

  1. Try putting it in a bun? I’m trying to grow my hair out again (shorter hair is not for me) and I’ve been opting for a messy or a “donut” bun every other day 🙂

    1. My hair is just too short for a bun, its an a-symmetrical cut so the one side is long enough, but the other side isn’t. Sock buns used to be my go to, and will be again once my hair is a bit longer. But get the same’fat face’look with a bun these days (you know what I mean?) .

      1. Lol, yeah – though I struggle more with “horse”face myself 😦 The only other thing I can think of is to do a few french type braids on top of your head and pin them all together at the back. (I’m horrible at hair, if you haven’t noticed already. That’s why I own so many hats :P)

  2. I feel like I can’t ever get my hair to look right up! I think yours looks really cute here, though! Love this outfits mix of edge and feminine. That scarf is so pretty, too!

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