1.15 Tartan Skirt

white and tartan 3

white and tartan 4

white and tartan 2

As you can tell I really love this t-shirt and pencil skirt combination.  Its partly due to the fact that I only have pencil skirts in my capsule wardrobe.  Though, I think I’d love it anyway.



4 thoughts on “1.15 Tartan Skirt

  1. I love this skirt! Seeing how you styled it here and with your black tee as well makes me want one! I currently just have one pencil skirt in my capsule as well, and I find I like it a bit better then my two flared skirts. I may end up getting rid of one of the flares for another pencil if I end up not wearing them much.

  2. I got this skirt and the grey pencil skirt in a two pack just before I fell pregnant. I can’t believe that I’m 8 months along and still wearing them!

    I really like flared skirts and am looking forward to swopping out one of my pencil skirts 😛

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