1.10 Leopard Print Dress

leo dress 2

leo dress 3

leo dress 1


When I first started going through my clothes, in my second trimester,  to determine which non-maternity pieces to keep I was so sure that this dress would not be one of them.  Many of my dresses didn’t fit around the bust any more or looked strange around the (little) bump.  I’m so glad that I tried on every piece to determine what fits.  That is a tip I’d give any new moms-to-be: Try it on! You will be surprised at what fits and what doesn’t!

Looking at these photos, I have now realised that this dress might not make it into my summer wardrobe.  If my bump gets any bigger (which it will!) the dress will be far too short in the front for my liking. Also, my Summer capsule will have to be nursing friendly, which this dress is not!  I know it is a bit early for me to be talking about my Summer Capsule, but it has been on my mind a lot lately.  It will need to accommodate the bump at its biggest, and be nursing friendly. I will share my thought process on this at the end of Spring.


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