1.9 Date Night

black gladiator 2

black gladiator 3

black gladiator 1

I wore this outfit on a date night.  I ended up adding a white blazer for a bit of warmth.  I am quite surprised how  I’m able to wear these wedges at this stage of pregnancy, but they were super comfortable and easy to walk in.  I guess the fact that they are wedges and not heels, gives me that added support.  I haven’t worn them in such long time and I see that some of the straps are starting to perish. I hope they last throughout Spring and Summer.  I have no idea why I haven’t worn them in so long.  I guess when you experiment with style you sometimes neglect the pieces that you know are ‘your style’ in favour of trying something new.

It is only outfit 9 and my capsule wardrobe has already taught me something about my personal style.  These shoes are exactly the kind of thing I like, and I already owned them!  ( I didn’t buy anything for this capsule wardrobe, these are all pieces I already owned.)  Now just to define the look of these shoes: Relaxed Edgy?  I like the sound of that.  What would you define them as?


9 thoughts on “1.9 Date Night

  1. Love those shoes! Since I noticed my Woolies leather strappy sandals ankle strap is going, I’ve been living in constant fear that they’re going to give in every time I put them on 😦 So annoying since the rest of shoe is still in perfect condition!

    1. I know that feeling. I think I might try and fix it with some shoe glue and hope that makes them last a bit longer. But those loopy things you put the ends of the straps through once you’ve buckled them have fallen off. I just used some similar coloured elastic and attacked it on to the shoe. It looks like it was meant to be like that, so I’m quite happy.

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