Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

spring 2015 capsule wardrobe collage

Introducing my first (proper) capsule wardrobe! Now I know 50 pieces is not a capsule wardrobe to some, but it a huge cutback of wardrobe clutter for me.

While I put together this collage, I realised that 50 pieces is too many.  I had a really tough time narrowing down my choices.  I gave myself some slack as this is my first real go at creating a capsule wardrobe.  I also have to consider that my body is constantly changing at the moment and I really have no idea how big I’ll get.  I also wanted to be prepared for the last cold front that hits in September some times.

So why have I decided to create a capsule wardrobe?

Well, for a long time I’ve felt like I have too  much stuff! I know, first world problems!  But when living in a third world country, having first world problems can lead to some awkward feelings.  When I fell pregnant I thought it would be the perfect time to try a capsule wardrobe.  I have been putting away everything that doesn’t fit into storage  or giving it away, and now that I have my last trimester in front of me I thought I’d give it a proper go.

I created this capsule by keeping the things that fit and that are season appropriate.  So that narrowed down my choices quite a bit.  I used Audrey’s method of creating a maternity capsule wardrobe as the base construction for this wardrobe. And then just added other things I felt would be a waste not to wear (I  guess that is a rookie mistake, but we’ll see how it turns out.)

As you can see, I’ve not included accessories such as hats, jewellery or handbags in my capsule wardrobe.  But I have narrowed down my options a little bit by choosing accessories that are colour and season appropriate.

I will be posting outfits made from only these pieces throughout Spring.  (I calculated spring as 15 August – 15 November, because the end of winter is always quite warm.  But that doesn’t correspond to my posting schedule exactly.  That is a good thing, because you will get to see outfits I’ve actually worn.)


4 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I’m glad you were able to go through your things and give the capsule wardrobe another go. I think everyone’s capsule, the number of pieces etc, is going to look different based on their lifestyle and preferences. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 50 pieces if that’s what works for you!! I’ve found since changing over to a capsule that I enjoy my wardrobe and each piece in it so much more! And I’m not constantly out there spending money on clothes and accessories any more…I’ve learned to be satisfied with what I have. That’s not to say I don’t still do some shopping, but I’m really picky about what I add now!

    1. I feel that I don’t have so much fashion FOMO anymore. If I see something that I think is nice I then quickly realise that it won’t work for my lifestyle and wardrobe. I don’t feel like I need to buy things to be on trend.

      1. I feel the same way! I used to feel compelled to buy things when I was out, but like you I can now say, “oh, that’s pretty” and walk away! It’s been great. And the occasion that I do get something, it’s something that I know I’ll wear and enjoy b/c it was a much more thought out purchase!

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