Winter Holiday Packing List 2015

Packing collage

We recently came back from our ‘babymoon’ in the Pilanesberg National Park.  We also spent two night in Hartebeespoort.  It was an amazing holiday! One of the best I’ve been on!

I hate over packing, so I followed Audrey’s packing list, and I really loved it!  I didn’t wear all of these outfits, because we were only gone for a week, but I didn’t feel like I was wearing the same thing over and over.  I only wore the dress once, because going on a game drive (we had two a day) in a dress seemed silly.  I packed it for dinners, but I ended up never changing for those.  I did wear it on the drive home though, which was nice, because it was all clean and fresh.

I decided to pack:

3 bottoms – Two neutral, one solid coloured.  I did contemplate packing a skirt for a bit of variety, but then I realised I’d never wear it in Pilanesberg, where we would spend the most days.

3 tops – One neutral, one patterned, one solid coloured.  The berry coloured jersey also acted as an extra layer on the early morning game drives.  When I used it as a top, I wore a tank top underneath it.

3 outerwear pieces – One neutral, one patterned, one solid coloured.  (I also packed a brown cargo jacket just in-case, which I was grateful for during our 6am game drives)

1 dress – The idea was that I could wear this dress as a tunic by belting it and rolling it up slightly or leaving it as is, and wear it like a dress.

3 pairs of shoes –  Because winter in the bush, can feel like summer time during the day I wanted to have some options.  Some ballet flats for during the day, some lace up shoes for game drives and walks and ankle boots for dressing up.

2 scarves –  Great extra layers for the early morning game drives, and a great way to hide the fact that I was wearing the same top over and over.

In the outfit photos below you might notice that I added a red belly band.  I felt more comfortable having one with me as not all the items I packed were maternity items.  I wore it under my grey top, if it felt to short.  I also packed it in case my olive trousers or my charcoal jeans wouldn’t button up  (the food was really good, okay?!), but that never happened.  I also added 2 necklaces, but because necklaces are easy to add to a fully packed bag I didn’t add them to the main list.

Here are the 25 outfits I came up with.

Winter Packing Outfits

 I am sure I could have kept on going, but I had to draw the line somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Winter Holiday Packing List 2015

  1. Ah I also love planning entire outfits before a trip. It really allows one to relax during the actual holiday and not worry about putting looks together but rather to enjoy the reason you are there, to be on holiday!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

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