4 style blogs worth following

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J’s Everyday, Kendi Everyday, Putting Me Together, Wendy’s Lookbook

I haven’t gotten round to taking outfit photos in a long time.  I’m expecting a delivery of maternity clothes soon, so I’ll shares those with you soon.

I’ve vacuum packed most of my clothes, and only left out the non-maternity ones that still fit, or that I don’t mind stretching.  Once the maternity stuff arrives I’ll put my favourite non-maternity clothes away, so I can preserve them a bit longer.  Let me know if you want to see which non-maternity items I’ve kept.

I know that you come here to see outfits, so here are some of my favourite bloggers that I think are worth following.  I’m sure you’ve seen most of them, but I hope I will introduce you to a new blog.


  • J’s  Everyday Fashion – I  love J and her blog.  I  think I copy her outfits the most.  She has also taught me to look at inspiration pics as just that, inspiration.  Outfits don’t have to copied out right, use what you have.  If  the inspiration pic has a shirt that reminds you of your printed clutch, use that instead.


  • Putting Me Together – I think Audrey might have been the first ever style blogger I started following (I didn’t even know they exhisted!).  We have similar styles, in the sense that we both lead slightly casual lifestyles, so I always look forward to seeing her outfits.  Plus she puts together fantastic step by step guides.


  • Kendi Everyday – Kendi is a long-time style crush of mine.  She always looks good and I’m bound to find a way to wear an old favourite.


  • Wendy’s Lookbook– Wendy always looks stylish and put together.  Although my lifestyle is far too casual to copy her outfits, I still love seeing what she comes up with.  Wendy loves to play with form, colour and texture and she comes up with creative but very wearable outfits. A girl can dream, right?

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