5 Style Tips I’ve learned through blogging

I’ve learned a lot about my personal style through blogging. For example skinny jeans and blazers are my jam.  As much as I love colour I also love a neutral outfit.  These little tips are great for me, but not so much for you.   So I rackedmy brain for a few easy style tips that I’ve learned during my time blogging.layering a shirt under a sweater

  • Wearing a  tank top between your button up shirt, and your jersey gives your layering a smooth look, plus it gives you extra warmth. ( I learned that from Franish)
  • 061Rolling the cuffs of your shirt or  blazer gives your outfit that effortlessly cool look.  It also draws attention to your waist!sept oct bangle
  • If you are unsure of a trend, try it in small items first.  Then move on to the bigger items.  I used to hate leopard print, until I bought this bangle.  I tried it out, loved it, and now I’ve added leopard print heels and a dress to my wardrobe.Mehndi 3
  • When packing for a trip, pack neutral colours.  Seriously, no one is going to think your outfits are boring plus all your items will go with each other.  If you just can’t imagine going a week or two without colour, then pick a statement colour (or two, if you have to) and add it in with accessories  or one or two garments.
  • Chevron and checks 2Pattern mixing is easier than you think!  To start off pick patterns that have similar colours, or prints that are slight variation of each other.  Then just build up from there! If the baby steps of pattern mixing sounds to scary, then why not try a single item that mixes patterns (see the point #3), like a scarf that has floral prints and animal prints  on it.

Happy experimenting!


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