Family Dinner


We had a little family dinner not so long ago, to celebrate my sister-in-law finishing her degree!  Yay!  I was getting quite cold that night, as you can see by the layers, but my sister in law was  wearing a (very cute) outfit consisting of a three quarter sleeve top and a light scarf.

I find that wearing something underneath this faux leather jacket makes it much more comfortable to wear.  Does anyone else have the problem of sweating in a faux leather jacket, and that causes you to get cold?

I’ve also never understood how people could wear leather jackets in the summer months.  I guess they don’t have this really hot climate to deal with.  I’ve never understood the denim shorts and leather jacket outfit.  Is the weather to hot for a jacket and therefore the need for shorts?  Or is it too cold for shorts, but the need for showing off some leg is too strong?  Maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t pull off that look?


One thought on “Family Dinner

  1. Since we’re supposedly in for cooler weather this weekend, I’ll give the short & faux leather jacket look a try and report back 😉 (I actually prefer the look with a pair of opaque stockings!)

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