Top Ten Remix Round Up

IMG_2240 268 293 IMG_2063


I know why you are feeling slightly confused.  Why do I only have four outfits?  Isn’t it supposed to be closer to 30?  The reason is simple.  I didn’t get to document most of the outfits.  I always thought I’d get round to making a collage or something, but I never did.  I also cheated.  I did sometimes wear an outfit that didn’t contain any of my top ten items. (OK, that sentence should have read that I sometimes wore items from my top ten).

I didn’t think it through when I picked these items.  I was so worried about them reflecting my style, that I didn’t bother to think about the weather.  The start of April was warm enough, but from mid April onwards most of these items didn’t cut it.   Especially when I went to visit my folks, who live in a much colder climate. Also, some of these items just didn’t fit like they used to.  They were slightly uncomfortable and I just dreaded wearing them. There were also days where I just didn’t want to wear any of them, so I didn’t.

So here is the breakdown:

wpid-moldiv_1427956035453.jpg wpid-moldiv_1427955931831.jpg


Red Tartan Pencil Skirt:  Worn twice (undocumented)

Lightning bolt earrings:  Worn twice (once undocumented)

Camouflage heels:  Worn once

Jeggings:  I wore these the most.  If I had to guess, I’d say I wore them 5 times. (undocumented).

Red Jeans:  I wore them twice. (Once undocumented)

Black Blazer: I wore it twice.

Aztec Print skirt:  I only wore this once.

Lightning bolt jersey:  I wore this warm and cozy jersey 2 or three times. (only documented once).

Black mesh panel tee:  I didn’t wear this.  Not once.

Gold link necklace:  I wore this at least once, maybe one more time after that.

Would I participate in any future Top Ten Remixes?  Yes, I would.  For me, April was a difficult month.  We had so many long weekends (who wants to dress up on a long weekend?) and the weather is quite fickle.   Next time I will be more prepared though.  I’d also add in some more colour and a neural other than black.  I say that, but red and black has always been my go-to, so I might just have to eat my words.

If you would like to see some bloggers who actually bothered to properly commit to the challenge, then go check out Sarah’s Real Life.




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