Top Ten Remix: Double Lightning

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I love lightning bolts!  I might love them more than flamingos, and maybe even more than skulls.  I used to have the greatest pair of lighting bolt studs, which I had for years!  Of course I lost one, which didn’t stop me from wearing the other one.  My earrings often don’t match.  But that one broke, beyond repair.  Trust me.  I tried.  I replaced them with these, which I’ve not worn in years!  I included these earrings in my Top Ten Remix to rectify that oversight.

The jersey is also part of my Top Ten Remix choices (what can I say, I’m an over achiever!) I bought this crop top, because it had a lightning bolt on it.  If it hadn’t my wardrobe would still be crop top free.  But when I saw this jersey with the same print AND IT WAS RED!  Well, there was no fighting it.

I wore this to a family braai, and I was nice and snug.  It was cold! What happened to the warm Autumn evenings?  I think it would have looked a bit better if I had cuffed the jeans.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Remix: Double Lightning

  1. Love this whole outfit! Great booties and jacket, also love the top and earrings. Also, I like it as is with the uncuffed denim – I would have to see it with the cuffed denim to determine which look I’d like best.

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