How to use Pinterest to build a wardrobe you actually like

A Wardrobe you love

The main use Pinterest has for me is gathering outfit inspiration.  I’ve been doing that for a few years and now I have a good grasp of what I like and what I don’t.  I thought I would put together a simple guide on how you could use Pinterest to develop your style.

pin it

Pin outfit photos you like

This might sound like a no-brainer, because it is.  If you like it, you pin it.  I separated my outfit inspiration into two boards. One for warmer weather and one for colder weather.  It just saves a bit of time, not having to scroll through hundreds of pictures shorts and flip flops, when you are in the heart of winter.

Keep an eye out for items similar to what you already own

Inspiration pinned from Merrick’s Art.


Once you have a collection of pins (trust me it won’t take long) scroll through your inspiration photos to see if there are any outfits that you can create with what you already own. Even if you won’t be able to create the entire look head to to toe, you will still find an original way to wear some of your  items.

Keep an eye out for items you don’t have.

While you are copying outfits from Pinterest, you will start to notice items that you don’t have and you will start to feel the urge to go out and buy those items so that you will have that EXACT outfit. By all  means if you want to do that, then go ahead.  But, if you wan’t to have items in your wardrobe that are a bit more versatile, then I suggest you find items that keep repeating themselves.  If you have a handful of outfits on your inspiration board that you love that all contain white high heels, then maybe white high heels are just something you will wear again and again.

Keep an eye out for substitutes

For the longest time I had leopard print heels on my wishlist.  They are all over my inspiration boards.  I didn’t own a pair, but I did (and still do) own a pair of camouflage heels.  So I substituted them for  leo print.  It allowed me to ease off on my search for leopard print heels until I found the perfect (and affordable) pair.  That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped wearing my cammo heels,  it just means that by adding one pair of shoes I have increased my outfit choices by A LOT.

Thanks to Pinterest it doesn’t take me long to put together a stylish outfit with the items I already own.



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