Black and white striped dress

striped dress 2 striped dress Details striped dress

This is one of those outfits that doesn’t look as good in photos as in real life. In the photos the dress doesn’t seem to sit right, but I didn’t pick that up while I was going about my day. I loved wearing this dress.  It’s great for those summer days when it is deciding to rain or not.  The sleeves add a bit of warmth, but when the sun does come out with a vengeance, at least my legs are bare. I think I’ll try it with tights and boots this winter.


3 thoughts on “Black and white striped dress

  1. Think the dress will look fab with some black tights and booties 🙂 May I ask where your ring in the last pic is from? It looks gorgeous ❤

    1. Thanks Nadia! It was a gift, so I really have no idea, sorry. I’m sure if you just do a search for ‘flower of life’ ring, you should find one.

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