Movie Night

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I’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear these leopard print heels. So, wore them to the movies. A little dresses up for the movies? Maybe. But did I feel great in my new shoes? Yes!

We watched the Imitation Game, if you were wondering. Brilliant movie!


10 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. What a great outfit! I love everything about it, Laura. This edgy, feminine look is one I’m drawn to as of late, so I may be bias :). Love the leopard heels, and don’t blame you for wearing them. I say if something makes you happy, wear it – even if it is just to the movies! I’ve been known to wear a dress to the movies myself, just because I felt like wearing one :).

    1. Edgy feminine is what I love! That’s why I’m digging your capsule wardrobe so much! In fact I’m thinking of adding more fuchsia to mine because of it!

  2. Darnit, I thought you went to see 50 Shades and now I’m kind of bummed 😦

    But I love those heels! This entire outfit is actually something I’d wear 🙂

      1. Hahahaha, get that itchy feeling you get while watching love scenes with your parents in the room?

        (I started reading the book, btw, but English literature takes as much of a beating as Anastasia Steele and I couldn’t take anymore.)

      2. That’s exactly how I feel! And it’s only getting worse as I get older!

        I’ve not tried the books. I don’t know anyone who has finished any.

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