What I bought in January


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I haven’t been clothes shopping in ages.  I feel that 90% of the gaps in my wardrobe have been filled and now I’m just replacing old items or updating accessories.

I didn’t own a plain black tee, so I bought this one with a mesh insert.  It seems a little dressier than a plain black tee, but is just as versatile

I wanted leopard high heels since I started blogging.  I finally found these.  I’ve not worn them yet. I don’t really get many opportunities to wear heels.  My social life seems to involve a lot of walking or standing.  Where do you normally wear your heels to?

I wanted a black skater skirt to replace one that I never wear because it keeps creeping up and ends up being far too short.  I found this grey one at Woolworths and I’m in love.  It is one of my favourite pieces, ever.

I’ve also wanted silver heels as long as I’ve been blogging.  I found these silver kitten heels, which I find are a lot more versatile for me, because as I said I don’t have many occasion to wear high heels any more. I wore them for the first time the other night and they got scuffed even before I arrived at the event! Hopefully I can fix them with some silver nail polish and no one will be the wiser (except the entire internet, of course!)

Another long time member on my wish list was a white lace top.  I finally found one and then bought a navy version as well. I spent far to long trying to decide between black, charcoal grey or navy.  It was ridiculous.  The shop attendants were starting to become concerned! I then bought the navy, because I don’t own a lot of navy.  I thought that was a good enough reason.

Every year I buy inexpensive sandals and every year they break (in the first week of January, like clockwork!).  My aim this year was to buy better quality sandals and hope they last longer.  But of course my sandals broke and I needed a new pair ASAP.  I didn’t have time to shop around.  So this year I bought TWO inexpensive pairs of sandals so that when one pair does break, I will still have something to put on my feat while I go looking for better quality shoes! I just better do it before next January!


2 thoughts on “What I bought in January

  1. O, my silver heels from Mr P are also scratched and scuffed to heck :/ I usually wear my heels to any activity where sitting is involved 😛 Dinners, cocktails or just plain ol’ office days where I’m stuck behind my desk!

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