Marsala: colour if the year 2015


I was a bit underwhelmed when the announced Marsala as colour of the year. You see, I already planned to do a post in things that I already own in the new colour of the year. You know, for the whole old/new theme I have going for the month of Jan. But to my surprise I have more than I thought! I have more Marsala items then I had Radiant Orchid. Strictly speaking a lot of these items aren’t exactly the shade of Marsala, but who is going to notice? Unless, some one follows me around with a colour swatch, none will be the wiser. And if there was someone doing that, who would be the one crossing the line? Me wearing oxblood and calling it Marsala or creepy-colour-stalker-person?

Why not go through your items and see which ones you can pass of as colour of the year? If you followed last years oxblood trend I’m sure you might have an item or two to rename.


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