My colour palette


A little while ago I wanted to create a colour palette for my wardrobe. This will ensure that everything matches and also suits me. So I had a look at all in trusty inspiration pics I’ve collected on Pinterest, to determine the colours I most like in outfits.

I then had a look at my wardrobe and was surprised to notice that I already have a colour scheme. There are a few pieces that don’t fit the scheme, but that is okay. Just when someone thinks “hey, she wears a lot of purple!” I step out I an orange dress. It will fool them, because it even fooled me.

So this is my colour scheme;

Neutrals- (black, grey, white, navy, brown, olive). I put them in one category because they form the basis of any outfit. One can wear the same grey tee for the next week and no one will notice! Unless it has an odour…

beer for chicken 2
All neutral with a dash of purple in the scarf
Grown Up2
All neural with read accessories.
M & G 1
Neural base with reds and purples.

My main colours- (Red and purple.)
I own a lot of items in either red or purple. They make great accent colours and are great for colour clashing. I am grouping all the purples together here (lilac, magenta, plum etc.). That is another little trick to make it seem like you aren’t wearing the same colours all the time. Red and purple is allowed in everything from main items of clothing to accessories.

Drinks and art 5
Purple dress, with blue and green accessories
Red as focal colour, with neutral and blue accessories

Complementary accent coloursBlue, green and yellow.

These colours are usually in completer pieces such as cardigans but are mainly in my accessory collection. I use these to brighten up neutral outfits or to give my red/purple some diversity. Although, these colours are allowed to cross the line from accessories to main clothing items, but not too often.

Blessings 3
Yellow completer piece over purple dress.
Blue in a main clothing item.

The wild cards – (pink, orange)

These aren’t strictly part of my colour scheme. I have very few items in these colours, but I love them too much to sacrifice them for the greater good of wardrobe coherence.

I know,  I’ve mentioned every single colour in the rainbow. But think of it in terms of degrees.  I am allowing myself to own as many neutrals as I’d like.  The same goes for red and purple.  These are my main colours.  As for blue, yellow and green; they will be used in moderation.  Mostly in accessories and completer pieces (cardigans, scarves, etc.) but I do have some main clothing items in those colours,  but not many.  A pair of coloured jeans or perhaps a dress. Just enough to give myself a break from all the red.  As for wild cards, I won’t add any more of those colours to my wardrobe.  I won’t throw out the orange and pink clothing I have (and wear), just to replace it with something else.  That is called false economy, my friends!  But ideally I wouldn’t have any pink or orange in my wardrobe at all.  Not that I don’t like those colours, I do,  I just don’t gravitate towards them as much as the rest.

This also help solve the dilemma of finding a piece of clothing that comes in multiple colours and not knowing what to get it in.  Does it come in purple? – then yes. Does it come in green? – think about it, do I really need more green?.  Does it come in pink? – stay away, rather get the purple. That solves all my coloured maxi skirt FOMO.


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