Da Vinci

Da Vinci Da Vinci 4 da vinci 3 da vinci 2

I wore this to the Da Vinci exhibition in Woodmead on Saturday. We really enjoyed it!  What a brain that man had! Os loved all the machines and I loved all the sketches and paintings.  I especially loved the special photography that was done on the Mona Lisa that revealed her original state and how she changed over the years.  Can you believe that Napoleon displayed her in his bathroom and she got some water damage because of that?

As you can see I’m having some trouble with my photos.  They seem fine when I upload them but as soon as I hit publish they look terrible.  Is anyone else experiencing this in WordPress?


7 thoughts on “Da Vinci

  1. That sounds like such fun! Thank you for that tidbit of information on Napoleon displaying the Mona Lisa in his bathroom – I did not know that! I find things like that so interesting. Very cute outfit. I love the neutrals and then that great pop of color with your beautifully printed scarf. Your photos look good to me, by the way.

    1. That is so strange because on my screen the photos look really out of focus once I hit publish. There was also a crazy person who threw a rock at the Mona Lisa and damaged her. Plus when she was stolen from the louvre the thief who was a louvre employee was also a builder/painter and he got some flecks of orange paint on her. That old gal seems to have had quite an adventure!

      1. The little photos on bloglovin, before I click through to the post, are blurry, but once I click through to the post they are coming across regular on my screen. It is strange.

        She has had quite the adventure; very interesting life she’s led 🙂

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