Leggings are not pants

leggings are not trousers4
We are having equipment issues here at rockthatfrock. Sorry about the blurry images.

leggings are not trousers leggings are not trousers2 leggings are not trousers3

I am firmly in the ‘leggings should not be worn as trousers’ camp.  When I bought a new pair last week I thought I’d try seeing what all the fuss is about.  I was working from home, so no one would be scarred for life. (I wore slippers around the house,  I put the heels on for you lucky people!).  So what did I learn from wearing leggings as pants?  Well, it is like wearing yoga pants all day. Soft, warm and comfy! On the other hand, I had to constantly pull them up like tights.  I’m not sure if that is just the nature of the beast, or if  I might be wearing the wrong size.  Does one size up leggings if one is planning to wear them as trousers?  They kept sagging, and that is NOT a flattering look!

Would I wear them like this again?  Well, surprisingly I would! I would wear a longer top perhaps.  If I would wear them out in public, might be another question all together.  I did take the dogs for a walk with them (again, not in the heels) and not a single person came up to me to read me my fashion rights! So who knows, maybe no one actually cares?!



4 thoughts on “Leggings are not pants

  1. Lol, I think I’m alone in my corner, campaigning for a life where I can wear leggings as pants without some blogger having a hernia. I love your look, you feel super comfy… what’s to hate?! (I think the only consideration should be body type, really. It CAN work if you have a smaller booty!)

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