Winter colour scheme

Red and navy 4 Score 6 skulls, dress, red, skirt, magenta, jacket, converse purple lace 1 Bebe 2  10 of 30 ii

I love South Africa this time of year.  The autumn light is breathtaking, the leaves are turning and, during the day at least, temperatures are bearable.  With the string of public holidays we’ve been having (and those that are still to come) every one seems in higher spirits.  The only down side to this, is that I’ve not been taking photos for the blog.  And let’s face it, it isn’t much of a blog without me taking photos of what I’m wearing that day, while showing you various parts of our garden.

So I’ve decided to share some of my favourite winter colour schemes with you.

  • Grey, navy, red and black.
  • Yellow black and fuchsia (I know, this one surprised me too!).
  • Magenta, black and red.
  • Grey and purple
  • Red white and black.  (This has been a favourite combo of mine for years!)
  • Black and mustard.

So there you have a reminder of what I wore last winter.  Looking at these photos, we either had a very mild winter last year, or I was always freezing! No layers, no scarves and ballet flats!

Which colour combo do you crave during winter?


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