Cape Point

SAM_0141 SAM_0147 Cape point 3 Cape point Cape point2

As you can see I’m still sharing outfits from our Cape Town trip.  I’ve never been to Cape Point before, and I must say it is worth it!  I had written a little info about how the two oceans meet here, and one can see the colour difference in the water, but according to Wikipedia that is all nonsense.  (All though I swore I could see the different colours!).  The nature reserve is stunning and it is still well worth the trip!

After Cape Point we went wine tasting.  I’m not showing you any pictures of that because… well, to put it politely, I look quite tipsy!  Most wine farms charge R30 per tasting and you can taste 5 to 7 different wines, depending on the farm.  We managed 2 farms then decided to call it a day.  What was really nice it that it was slightly out of tourist season, so things were a bit quiet and that gave us more time to soak up the surroundings (and the wine).


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