Camps Bay Wedding

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As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, we were in Cape Town this weekend.  Well, this wedding is why we did the reverse ‘Groot Trek’.  Eileen and I have been pals for a length of time that I’d rather not admit to. It makes us seem old! I am sure her and her new hubs will be very, very happy together!

The wedding was in the  Bay Hotel in Camps Bay and the ceremony overlooked the ocean! Simply stunning!  I could go on for hours about all the cool things they had, like a fun to do list for the guests, a jenga set as the guestbook, and of course the bride and groom playing in the band!  But there are just too many things to mention!

So lets discuss what I wore shall we?  This is one of those ‘infinity’ dresses that can be wrapped a billion ways to make different dresses.  It was a bridesmaids dress for my sisters’s wedding and this is only the second time I’ve worn it.  I chose a simple halter-neck design, because I wasn’t confident that I’d be able to wrap the dress myself and still show up to the wedding on time.


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