What do I wear to Graduation?

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I have a graduation ceremony to attend in the near future.  Seeing as I skipped my first graduation for the wonders of Scotland, I have no idea what to wear.  In my Google search one person suggested a white button up with a black skirt. How boring! It isn’t a job interview! I know the gown will cover what I am wearing, but there will be loads of photos, and a celebratory dinner or lunch plus it is a special event and I wanna look pretty!  I was thinking of wearing a dress, and the above dresses are some options of mine.   Any input or suggestions would be appreciated!



4 thoughts on “What do I wear to Graduation?

  1. I vote for the red with some KILLER shoes. That way you’ll still have something of your outfit to show off while wearing your robe. Otherwise, go have a lookey at YDE – they have the most gorgeous maxi dresses at the moment!

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