What to wear to a braai

birthdya presents 2so many stripes 3IMG_9456Grown Up1

I know with this weather no one is thinking a braai is a good idea.  Maybe all this rain is making me long for some sunshine, or I’m trying to say goodbye to summer.  Trust me, when the sun comes out again everyone will want to say goodbye to summer.  How do we do that? With a braai!

Braai’s are usually very casual occasions, so it calls for more ‘come as you are’ atire.  But sometimes they are a celebration (birthdays, engagements, St Patrick’s Day) and a little effort might be needed.

So what does one wear to a braai?… Jeans.  I wear jeans (all the pics above were taken on my way to a braai).  We all know a braai can go on for hours, and it usually gets cold in the evenings and the likely-hood of being outside it a big one! A nice jacket or cardigan might be useful. I have been to many a braai were the hosts run out of warm clothing and blankets for guests, but then again it could just be the people I hang out with.  Flats are another good option (unless you are showing off new heels, see pic #1) as seating might be a problem and a lot of standing will be called for.  Add a pretty top and you are set.

If the braai happens to be a day event (and actually sticks to that claim!) then a biiig floppy hat and some sunscreen will be the major priorities for me (pic #2).  Braai-ing during the day is even more relaxed plus the chilly evening breeze won’t restrict you, you could wear pretty much anything.  A lovely maxi dress, skirt, shorts, sarong and bikini whatever you like… Er, unless there is no pool, then maybe ignore the last one.

OK seeing as I spent a good chunk of time teaching you something you most likely already know, lets recap:

Evening braai = jeans, flats, pretty top and something warm.

Day braai = sunscreen + hat.

Happy Autumn everyone!


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