Summer Work Outfit

summer work outfit 2 summer work outfit 3 summer work outfit 4 summer work outfit 5 summer work outfit

I often fear of putting an outfit of all neutrals together, it might just be a wee bit boring.  But I think this outfit looks fresh, and nice and cool for our summer months.  The mint necklace I think adds that touch of freshness.  Can we just talk about my hair for a second?  I curled it the night before by wrapping it around a headband and slept on it.  This is what it looked like after a full day, with no product and a short nap!! And my hair doesn’t curl easily.  I love this method because when I use a curling iron, it looks like I shocked myself with it when I plugged it in!  As I type this my hair still has a slight curl.  And like I said, I have no product in my hair, no mousse, no hairspray, no sea-salt spray… nothing!  Pretty impressive! I worked from home so I’m wearing no make up at all.  You might say bland, I say fresh-faced.


3 thoughts on “Summer Work Outfit

  1. I saw the hairband “trick” on pinterest… Should really give it a try too as my curling iron attempts usually make me look like a Honey Boo Boo competitor 😦 Also, lurve your outfit. White shirts always look so fresh when other people are wearing them!

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