What I bought in Nov/Dec/Jan

Laura's Leopard print 4


Power Out3
New: Dress and sandals


Power Out 5jpg
New: Ring
Drinks and art
New: Clutch and heels
Drinks and art 7
New: earrings
New: Dress,lilac heels
working from home 5
New: necklace
I got a tunic similar to this, but in purple.



I know, I know. This post is waaaaayyyy over due! I was fortunate enough to get LOADS of items as gifts!

My sister came home for a week and spoiled me.  The weak Rand plus sales was an opportunity she couldn’t miss.  Plus  I am her baby sister, so she would have found and excuse!  Let’s just be clear, my sister didn’t buy me ALL of these.  I did buy a few things myself, and some were birthday and Christmas presents.

A few things not pictured:  A beaded black statement necklace, grey tank with lips printed on it, a black ponte skater skirt, black pencil skirt, olive ankle grazer trousers, skinny jeans.

No wonder I’m not in the mood for shopping!  So how does this reflect on my list?  Well,  I did get a ton of extra things, but I did cross a few items of The List such as the clutch, and the skinny jeans.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s day!! xoxo


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