The what and why of my wardrobe: Most worn items

I’ve not really been shopping recently.  Last year I used The List as a way to identify and fill holes in my wardrobe.  I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job and I seem to have an endless supply of outfits available to me.  I will continue to use The List to identify items that will fill certain wardrobe needs as I find the system works quite well.

I have come to realise which items in my wardrobe are the most used and these quickly become the foundation of my wardrobe.  Once I can identify which items are worn the most, I can build outfits around them using lesser worn items.  Not only does this increase the longevity of my clothing, but stretches out my outfit choices.

What items are the most worn in my wardrobe?

I have been using a wardrobe app  (personal closet) for a few years now.  Not only does it keep all my outfit ideas in one place, but it keeps all sorts of statistics like, what I wear the most and how much I spend etc.  So according to the app my most used items for 2013 were:

Red and navy 4

Red Jeans: The amount of outfits I have posted with my red jeans over the past year is just a fraction of how many times I actually wear them.  I even bought a whole load of coloured jeans just so I wouldn’t wear out my red pair as fast.  Red just seems to be my colour.  I have more red than any other non-neutral in my wardrobe.  So combining my favourite colour with an item that can be dressed up or down just seems like a good idea.  According to my app I have 48 saved outfits for these jeans! That is almost an outfit for every week of the year!

Scholtz 2

Cream and gold sandals:  Strangely these didn’t feature much on the blog, before my dogs ate them.  They were my slip on and go sandals, but they still looked adorable.  I managed to save them with a bit of DIY-ing, but I wear them sparing in the hopes that they will last a bit longer. I have stopped planning outfits with them when I found pieces of them on the lawn, but I had 23 outfits planned.  Luckily they are a neutral so I replaced them with these… which broke.  And finally I have these, so hopefully they will make the 2014 top ten.

Holiday Vibe 2

Rings on a silver chain:  This little accessories has a bit of a back story to it (I might share it with you one day if you are nice to me!)  So I wear it quite often.  It is an element in a whopping 30 outfits.

grown Up 4

Black skinny jeans:  Ok these are a bit of a no brainer.  They are jeans. They are black. So needless to say they are extremely versatile. These guys have a score of 54 planned outfits.


Jeggings:  For those of you who aren’t sure of the terminology,  Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans.  However my pair are actually more like a pair of elasticated denim, with an elastic waist.  These guys were my go to for a skinny jean look, without having to go through the pain and mental torture of finding a pair of skinny jeans that fit well. I often think I should just go buy a few extra and stash them away for when this pair decides to kick the bucket. How else am I going to get through all 63 outfits?

Just Cricket 2

Cut out peplum:  This top is relatively new and I wear it all the time.  I wasn’t too sure of the whole peplum trend, so I bought 2 inexpensive pairs.  They look very similar except one has longer sleeves and is made of thicker fabric, so it is at this very moment waiting patiently in a vacuum packed bag for cooler months to arrive.  As for this cut out peplum (it has a cut out on the back, I just made a mental note to take a picture of it next time) I look forward to wearing all 39 outfits planned.

in-law braai

Back ballet flats: These flats are just great! Real leather with patent leather caps. Super comfy and they look a bit smarter than the average black ballet flats.  No wonder I have 33 outfit options for these little gems.


Mayuri Blazer:  This white blazer is named after the girl who gave it to me. With a total of 50 planned outfits, no wonder she only ever sees me in clothes she has given me!

Splash of Purple

Tulip Skirt:  This skirt might be the best skirt I have ever bought.  It has this casual chic vibe to it, that I feel gives me instant cool credits! If  it were a little longer I would wear it to work.  I clearly repeat outfits all the time as I only have 12 planned outfits for it.

I guess you can see why my shopping has dropped to almost being non-existent.  I have so many planned outfits that I don’t feel like I have an empty wardrobe.  In fact sometimes I feel the choice is overwhelming.  As my 1/30 challenge (yeah, you forgot about that one haven’t you?) has taught me, not all of my clothes will live long enough to see all of their planned outfits.  I can always try though!  I am looking forward to seeing what the most worn pieces will be for 2014.  We are only 2 months into the year and the list already looks very different.

Putting together this post has actually taught me something about my style (well I guess technically about my style for last year). I am a flats and jeans kind of gal.  All though my collection of heels really has grown over this last year, I tend to only wear them on special occasions.

What are your most worn pieces, and what do they say about your style?

This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share with you.


3 thoughts on “The what and why of my wardrobe: Most worn items

  1. Oi, wish I was this organised. I seem destined to just fall in love with something new forever! (I’ve been wearing the same pair of pleather shorts over and over the last few weeks. So at least it kind of works out. Kinda.)

    1. It is tough. I saw some great things online that I am itching to get . But I have so many things that I have harey worn. There will always be a new trend so I won’t miss out for long.

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