How I put together this outfit: Bridal Shower

Bridal shower 4

This bridal shower was 50’s housewife inspired.  Plus we had the bachelorette party directly afterwards. I had nothing that I considered that would look like it came out of the fifties, so I emphasised the ‘inspired’ aspect of my outfit.  I had no idea what to wear, so I turned to one of my all time favourite blogs: J’s everyday fashion.  Every time I see an outfit I like (or even an aspect of an outfit) I pin it to my inspiration boards on Pinterest.  I remembered pinning something of J’s that was fifties inspired, and this was it.

Today's Everyday Fashion: Sunshine
From Pinterest

J took her outfit inspiration and translated into something that she could easily put together from her existing wardrobe.  I couldn’t quite relate to her inspiration photo, but I could relate to the outfit she put together.  So I copied her as much as I could. Her lovely blouse reminded me of a silk dress that I owned that shrunk in the wash, so I removed its sleeves and  I now wear it as a blouse.  The only pair of coloured jeans I had at the time was a read pair, so I went with them.  I wore a string of pearls as my link to the fifties, and the yellow capped flats as a nod to the lovely yellow colour pallet that J used. I might not have been able to copy J’s exact outfit, but I did manage to come up with an outfit that was entirely my own (with her help, of course).


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