skulls, dress, red, skirt, magenta, jacket, converse

Happy Birthday to rockthatfrock!

Well guys and gals I have managed to stick to blogging for an entire year! I think this might be my third or fourth attempt at a blog so I’m quite surprised that this one stuck. I’ve learned a lot about myself and life through this little blog. Thanks for sticking around and taking the time to read through my posts and taking even more time to leave a comment. I really do appreciate it and I love receiving comments, so please keep them coming, don’t be shy!

I would like to share my most and least popular posts with you:
Most viewed post: 10 of 30 and round up

10 of 30 v
Trying to hide the pipe that is coming out the wall.

Most commented post: Is a tie between Grey Tones and 1/30 outfit post.

Grey tones 4

1 of 30 ii
Note how I didn’t loop my belt through the buckle properly!

Most shared post: Eight of Thirty

skulls, dress, red, skirt, magenta, jacket, converse
Just trying to mix things up a bit with this pose.


Least Popular post: SPCA Wag a Walk 2013

Wag a walk

Blogging has changed the way I approach things in life.  I mean, if I have the guts to put up photos of myself in various outfits for strangers on the interwebz to look at, then I can pretty much do anything!  I also have a major appreciation for the items of clothing I own, and I tend to look after them a lot better than I did before!  The things that have remained the same; I still wear little-to-no make-up as often as possible,  I still stain my clothes in the most unlikely ways, and I still seem to manage to look like a ragamuffin, even if the dress is new!


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