Orange sun dress

sunny day 4 sunny day sunny day 3 sunny day 2

I can’t remember where I wore this outfit to.  But I do remember that day was HOT! Like most December days if it isn’t raining it is just boiling hot! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.  How can you beat these sunny skies and being able to have drinks or meals outside almost all year round?  I apologise for the slightly blurry images (bad blogger!). My lens dropped and bounced once so this is the result of that.  Things seemed to have settled and the lens works well again, thank goodness!

My sister arrives this weekend.  She and her husband live in the U.K . so I am really happy to see her so early in the year! That is the only thing I would swap the great weather for is my sister, but I did that for four years.  So three years in great weather for my brother isn’t a bad price to pay.  If only we can all move to some mild climate and be together! Sigh!  Hopefully my sister being here will mean good news for you as well.  I’ll have to get dressed more and there will be lots of photos!


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