Double Birthday

Double birthday 1 Double birthday 2 Double birthday 3 Double birthday 4 Double birthday 5 double birthday 6


I often have two events to attend on the same day.  This can make dressing appropriately quite tricky.   A week or so ago, I had a ladies tea in the morning, and a very masculine beer tasting straight after that.   I opted to wear my grey m.e.s.a.w.  dress with a chambray shirt over it, for some sun protection.  By the time I got to the beer tasting  I ditched the shirt because it was sweltering hot.  We sat under a nice shady area and I was cover in sun cream, so it all turned out fine.

I have quite an emotional connection to this dress for many reasons.  Two of my best mates collaborated in the design, printing and making of this dress.  Another reason is because the print on them is of the Union Buildings.  And of course in the light of Madiba’s passing it takes on a different meaning all together.


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