The List: Summer 2013


  •  Black leather jacket – I am still on the look out for a leather jacket.  I have decided though, to save up for a real leather jacket seeing as it won’t go out of style.
  • A black evening bag.
  • skinny jeans – still on the hunt for those perfect jeans… sigh!
  • Brown sandal wedges
  • Denim jacket – Though I’m not sure what wash to get.  I prefer darker washes, but I’m assuming that if I want to wear it with my darker wash jeans, I’ll need to get a lighter wash.  Does anyone have any tips for me in this regard?
  • Tan/ Cognac hand bag
  • Olive utility jacket – I would like an olive light utility jacket for those chilly summer nights. Plus it will be great for layering in the winter.
  • Little White dress – A plain white dress that I can dress up or down is something that is definitely missing from my wardrobe.
  • White/Ivory pullover – I’m hoping to find one for a steal during these warmer months.
  • Light floral top – I’m would like to have some tops that aren’t t-shirts.  I thought a light coloured floral top would be perfect for summer and I could wear it to work, or casually.

So that is my shopping list for the next three months.  What do you think? Pretty much all these items can be worn together, which is always a bonus.

*The links provided are where I found the images, not  necessarily the actual items I am planning on buying.


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