So many stripes!

so many stripes 6so many stripes 4 so many stripes 5 so many stripes 3 so many stripes 1so many stripes close up

I wore this outfit to my bestie’s birthday braai.  My fragile porcelain skin doesn’t fair well in the sun, so a massive floppy hat is a must for me!!

Speaking of stripes… I am lucky enough to live across the road from a reserve (literally across the road!).  One morning my dog’s wouldn’t stop barking at something across the road. When I went to go check it out, I imediatly turned around and went to fetch my camera.  A herd of zebras came to say hello to us.  I didn’t notice the foal until I uploaded the pics for this post! Yesterday we took the dogs for a walk and saw gnu, springbok and zebra.  We love sitting in our garden as the sun goes down, having a glass of wine and listening to the zebra bark (yes, zebra bark).  Man, I love being back in South Africa!!

Zebra 1 ‘sZebra 2


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