Grey Tones

Grey tones 2 Grey tones 3 Grey tones 4 grey tones 5 grey tones 6 Grey Tones

I wore this outfit out to supper the other night.  I think of myself as a person that wears a lot of colour, but lately I’m loving neutral outfits.  I also feel that they suit me a bit better.  I ended up not wearing the jacket for most of the evening, because, well… summer! I also liked mixing my ‘metals’ with the silver top and the gold necklace.

Guys,  I’m almost done with my year! I have one week left to get all my ducks in a row and hand in my dissertation!! So nervous, but also so excited to be done.

Just a note about the blazer;  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but this blazer is 10 years old!! It still looks brand new! I still have the trousers that I bought with them as a suit (for some reason I thought I’d need a suit after finishing high-school.  I’m a grown up and I still don’t wear suits).  This jacket and I have come a long way together.  I wore it to my 1 month-aversary with my then boyfriend now husband. I have considered throwing it out many times, but sentimentality has won over every time.  Now that I’m a bit more conscious of what I need/wear/what is useful in my wardrobe, I hope this little blazer stays for another 10 years.

If you are interested in other ways I wore the grey blazer, silver tank top or the black skinny jeans; just check out my 1 Item Multiple Ways page.

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14 thoughts on “Grey Tones

      1. It just hit me. Remember weeeeks ago I complained about the lack of lucite heeled shoes in our stores? Woolworths just got some, but they went and tinted the heels a bit! I never felt so excited, just to have my hopes dashed in one little click-to-enlarge 😦

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