DIY:Revamp old shoes

IMG_9444 IMG_9445 IMG_9446 IMG_9447 IMG_9448 IMG_9450 IMG_9451


What  you’ll need:

A pair of old shoes that you don’t mind throwing out if it all goes horribly wrong.

Some fabric paint (I used acrylic, but fabric would be better)

Some scraps of fabric


I started off by painting the straps of these once silver sandals blue.  After that I removed the plastic layer covering the sponge part of the shoe.  You can see where the toe had worn through in the images. I then found some remnants of fabric,cut a slit in it to fit around the toe straps, and glued it in place.   I  also painted some packaging string in the same  blue, and glued it around the fabric edges, just to neaten it up a bit.

* Disclaimer: This was an experiment. I have never done this before, and have no idea how long the shoe will last.

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