School Reunion

IMG_9457 IMG_9459 IMG_9463 IMG_9466 IMG_9456

This is what I wore to my high school reunion.  It was quite a casual and relaxed event.  Our former Head Girl did such a great job setting everything up! It was great to catch up with some old faces and we had I was glad to see my fellow ‘hostel kids’ (there were only 3 of us).  I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to going, but I am glad I did.  I realised that I was still holding on to stupid high school resentment, and was finally able to let go. It is strange how a personality clash of 10 years ago, can be carried with you throughout life without realising it.

So, did you notice I finally found a white button up shirt?  Well, I asked a friend of mine if she was willing to swap a white shirt for a green polo neck that I never wear.  I think we are both quite happy with the trade.  I also want to thank my Mom for taking the outfit photos for this post.

Things are a bit crazy on my end.  My husband is in Washington D.C and will only be back on Sunday.  Meanwhile, we’ve had some builders fix a few bits and pieces around our home.  They also replaced 2 big windows (as in, knocked out the old ones and replaced them completely), so that was a big job.  I am currently sleeping in our guest bedroom (which is more like a store room, as we never have guests). My mini-dissertation is due in the next few weeks, so things are crazy on that end as well.  Sjoe, I need a nap just typing all of that out!


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