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A friend of ours had her confirmation into the Catholic Church on Sunday.  She kindly invited us to witness her confirmation.  I always enjoy going to events held by faiths and doctrines different from my own.  I always leave feeling that I’ve learned something new and have broadened my horizons just a little.

This is what I wore to church.  We were warned to wear something cool because the church would be full and it would be a hot day. So I opted for this jersey material dress.  It covered my shoulders, and my knees so I thought it would be appropriate to wear to church.  A friend gave this dress, she had never worn it because she doesn’t like red!! Oh well, her loss is my gain! (Thanks, friend!).


4 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. Who doesn’t like red?! I have a very similar Truworths dress that I bought for a wedding, and that cut is just flattering on everyone.

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